Spanning over 3000 years, ancient Egypt was one of the longest lasting world civilizations leaving us some of the most valuable advancements in astronomy, writing, mathematics, medicine,farming, art, spirituality and so much more. Their knowledge and accomplishments are still far advanced for our comprehension today.

Ancient Egyptians connection and relationship with the natural world is chronicled in the temple and tomb inscriptions as well as in the forms of all the gods and goddesses called NeTer, meaning conscious force of nature. Each NeTer had their individual powers from their connection to natures power through a specific animal, planet, insect or environments.

As many other ancient traditions there was no division between a conscious being and the forces of nature unlike our beliefs today. Nature was considered conscious and could be communicated with. Reconnect to these energetic powers to bring balance to your spirit and home with the most influential knowingness of our roots. Find your spiritual prescription through your own rituals with the support of ancient spirts and the natures forces always available to you.

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